Common Heating Myths – Misconceptions Cleared

To stay warm and comfortable indoors is the goal in the winter unless you are away on vacation skiing. Save your money, energy and comfort simply by steering clear of the following home heating myths.

  • All new home are inexpensive to heat

If you have bought a new home recently, you might be thinking of low heating costs, which is, unfortunately, wrong. Not every new home is built with the consideration of energy efficiency. Despite the energy and construction codes, new buildings are sometimes still under-insulated and not completely sealed.

  • Using space heaters will save more money than a gas heating unit

Almost every space heater uses electricity to run, meaning that the more heaters the more often you use them, resulting in higher electricity bills. In contrast to natural gas, electricity bills actually tend to be expensive and less efficient. So, if you are worried about spending a lot on heating with a gas furnace, rest assured that it will actually be most cost efficient and comfortable than space heaters.

  • Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature will heat the home quicker

Most people are tempted to raise the temperature on the thermostat when it is particularly cold outside. But remember, it will not heat the home quickly. Numerous home furnaces apart from multi-stage units, run at full capacity regardless of how the temperature is set on the thermostat. Keeping the thermostat set to the temperature actually required will certainly avoid getting uncomfortably hot and save on the bills significantly.