Is It The Right Time To Replace The Faucet?

To keep the household functioning adequately, quality faucet and sink fixtures are imperative. They are used on a regular basis in the bathroom for washing faces and brushing teeth and in the kitchen for tasks like washing hands and dishes. When a faucet or sink fixture starts malfunctioning, it can simply put a complete halt on some of the routine indispensable tasks in a home. It is crucial to know and understand why and when is the right time to get faucet or sink fixtures replaced.

There may be an array of instances that it is essential to the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen in your home. Faucets are utilized daily and can suffer from wear and tear over a course of time. Instances from wear and tear that result in faucet replacement include broken seals, broken O-ring, broken nozzles and leaks.

Signs of faucet damage

Faucet damage can be in multiple ways.

  • Corrosion is one of the primary causes of a broken faucet. Corrosion on a faucet can lead to water deposits and minerals not being properly cleaned off. It can eventually happen to every faucet, however, if the faucet is not kept clean, it can result in small holes all over the fixture.
  • Even though the faucet is turned off and the faucet is still letting water through is another sign of a damaged faucet. Leaks can come from broken seals or broken nozzles for instance.

Calling a plumbing expert to get the faucet or sink fixtures replaced is recommended to get the job done professionally!