Significance of Hiring a Plumber to Inspect Your New Home

It is very important to get your new home inspect by a professional plumber before buying it. It is very easy for both the current and previous owner to have forgotten some small repairs, which may get worse with time, and demand expensive repair in the future. It is possible that you check the faucets, leaks, but you also need to inspect under the house plumbing system like sewer lines, heater pipes, etc.

Therefore, here are a plumber in your new home must inspect some areas:

The sewer line

When the sewer lines are clogged or busted, problems such as breaks, ruptures, leaks, flood etc can occur. As the sewer or septic lines are under ground, not many are  interested in digging ip the entire length  of the pipe to detect the problem. It will definitely ruin your yard, sooner or later.

Many reputable plumbing companies perform video pipe repair. They inspect the pipe with a long tube camera, check problem, and then do very precise dig, if required.

Detect Leaks

A leak under your kitchen sink or toilet is easy to fix, but finding a leak inside your floor is not easy. Such leaks problems get worse with time, and can damage your property severely.

Water Heater Inspection

If you’re buying a furnished home, it is advisable to get the water heaters inspected. Some water heaters can explode if  problems persist. This is dangerous, and can cause flooding or injury.