Copper Repiping Service


At Kwick Plumbing, we aim at providing high-quality copper repiping service in an ethical way. We are dedicated to building and maintaining positive relationships with customers in Los Gatos. We are specialized in core plumbing services like copper repiping and have expertise in suggesting the best solutions to the leakage issues to the people.

Signs Of A Pipe Leak
• Moist/damp spots in dry wall, wooden structures or concrete floors
• Greenish Copper Oxide on pipe surfaces
• Growth of toxic black mold in areas with little aeration or air movement
• Decreased water pressure and flow

Possible Damages Due To Pipe Leakage
• Decreased value of your property
• Increased insurance expenses or even cancellation due to water damage
• Structural damage and remediation expenses acquired to eliminate toxic black mold can be extraordinary

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