Toilet Repair & Installation Services


Whether you want to install a new toilet or planning to repair old one, Kwick Plumbing can help you with its plumbing service. We know that toilet troubles like leakage, clog and blocked flush can be a big problem. Let licensed plumbers help you in solving all these issues. We know how to make new connections for toilet so that you need not to face any blockages in the future. We offer both residential and commercial toilet repair, replacement and installation service.

Improperly functioning or clogged toilet looks nasty. You may have to face embarrassment due to this. Don’t let this happen, hire a professional as soon as possible. Kwick Plumbing is a reputable plumbing company in Los Gatos, CA. Our experienced and qualified plumbing professionals are always ready to deal with any toilet issue. They have the absolute knowledge of performing all kinds of toilet tasks from unblocking to plumbing to installing a brand new toilet.

We prefer using only quality parts when rebuilding, repairing or replacing an existing toilet parts like:

• Auto sensor valve
• Drain and water pipes
• Fill valve
• Flapper
• Float
• Flush lever assembly
• Flush valve
• Flushometers
• Shut off valve
• Tank and bowl

Call us at (408) 727- 1564 and schedule a free consultation. We would be more than happy to help you with our quality plumbing services.